The Cinematheque

The Cinematheque theatre, founded in 1972, is a film institute and media education centre devoted to understanding the art and history of Canadian and international cinema, located at 1131 Howe Street in downtown Vancouver. RHA carried out a renovation of the lobby and washroom, seeking to reflect the Cinematheque’s values of inclusivity and diversity, excellence in programming, business, and brand, and foregrounding cinema as a communal and transformative art form.

This playful renovation features film references, bright colour, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Client: The Cinematheque
Contractor: Tyrrell Projects
Photographer: Brett Hitchins

Vancouver, BC — 2023

Image from Twin Peaks, the television series by David Lynch
Imagery from various films and set design inspired the aesthetic of the renovation, inlcluding this still from Twin Peaks.


Image from The Shining, the 1980 film by Stanley Kubric, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name.
The washroom design was largley inspired by the colours and style of the above set in The Shining.

Ron Hart Architecture — Vancouver, BC
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